Making an EP – Video Diary of my trip to Nashville to make Music

Hello friends! I recently made a trip to Nashville to record my first EP. I worked with producer Ryan Corn for several months prior and we did pre-production on all the songs. ┬áThen, while I was there, I created this video diary. I thought you might be interested in seeing the inner workings of making […]

Moot of Hutch ’16: It’s Not Too Late

I’m still in Nashville. Anticipating the need to assimilate thoughts after Hutchmoot, I planned in a couple of extra days here. I’m putting off re-entry. Apparently it’s time for my (yearly?) blog entry. Today I’m thinking about how it’s not too late, and this thought is a balm for my soul. Somehow I had slipped […]

New Friends and a New Song

This photo was taken was during “The Rain Keeps Falling” at Andrew Peterson’s release concert for his new album, The Burning Edge of Dawn in Nashville, TN.┬áThis photo is special to me because I can’t wait to show it to two of my newest bosom friends. Let me explain: A couple of weeks ago, I […]